Your One Stop Cargo and Branding Solution!

Distinctive branding, uber functional and sleek appearance! Team Nayyer offers cargo and branding solutions for vehicles with ultra-luxurious design and flawless technical skills. We offer BODYCAB solutions for Toyota Hilux making your day-to-day logistics and cargo simpler, efficient and rewarding.

Our BODYCAB® can be easily fastened on Hilux Deckless and Hilux Vigo.


Fuel Efficient


Reduced Air Drag


Light Weight


Sleek Design


Mounts On  Fittings

Customize your Toyota fleet with our BODYCAB solutions for Hilux Deckless. With great room for customization, we create cargo solutions as per your requirements.


Our flatbed vehicle cargo solutions are made for those businesses who desire complete customization. We build bike boxes as per your needs and specifications.


We also design BODYCAB solutions for businesses who require passenger modifications. From windows, seats, vents to sunroof – our solutions are completely customizable.

6 Door Conversion

At Team Nayyer, we offer complete cargo and branding solutions for Toyota Hilux Vigo. Get your personalized branding and dedicated cargo boxes fastened to your vehicle and make a corporate impression like never before.

Ambulance Sporty

Our BODYCAB solutions for ambulance feature a modern sporty design. It is a cost-effective solutions for hospitals with dedicated amenities essential for life-saving ambulances. In this, the BODYCAB is fastened to the bed of the vehicle.

Ambulance Grand

A sleeker and impressive alternative to Sporty, the Grand is an impressive ambulance solution where the bed of the vehicle is removed, and the BODYCAB is directly fastened to the vehicle body.

Ambulance Sporty

Our BODYCAB Hilux are a popular choice for security patrols. With a spacious body, passenger seats, windows and other functional requirements, we have created security mobiles for a dynamic and diversified clientele.


Team Nayyer takes pride in being the pioneers in delivering state-of-the-art cargo solutions. We offer BODYCAB solutions of different sizes and insulations to make logistics simpler, efficient and rewarding.


OUR DSNG solutions are extremely popular amongst the broadcast sector. We give customers a unique experience by customizing requirements as per their needs.

Mobile Security

Our BODYCAB Hilux are a popular choice for police mobiles. With a spacious body, passenger seats, windows and other functional requirements, our police mobiles have disrupted the industry.


  • Our computer-optimized aerodynamic shape slices through wind and reduces drag ensuring fuel efficiency
  • Purpose-made seating arrangement for personnel. The seating can be either -side-by-side or front-facing
  • Specially-built standing arrangement with sunroof for armed guards
  • Cargo compartments and storage boxes for neat and tidy storage
  • Holder for water dispenser
  • Non-slip flooring
  • Climb-in stairs, handles, and hold-on doors – Cabin interior lights
  • High quality, imported flashing light, siren and public address system