The Face of the New Generation in Commercial Vehicle Bodies

Metalcab is one of our popular solutions for all small pickups, light and heavy duty commercial trucks. Metalcab is ideal for cargo and logistics since the cargo box is manufactured using a corrugated metal body. The metal cargo box adds extra strength and endurance making it ideal for your logistical needs.

Give your fleet branding an edge and customize your heavy duty vehicles with our METALCAB solution.


Fuel Efficient


Reduced Air Drag


Light Weight


Sleek Design


Mounts On Fittings

At Team Nayyer, we create METALCAB cargo solutions for trucks on all sizes. The corrugated metal cargo box is fastened to the heavy vehicle resulting in ample and safe storage of your merchandizes. Our METALCAB are ideal for long distance routes making logistics simpler yet rewarding.

14 ft

16 ft

17 ft

20 ft

Salient Features

  • Made with imported corrugated 14 gauge MS sheets, the length of the boxes is 16 feet, whereas the height is 6.5 feet. However, the width tends to vary as per deck sides. We offer complete side skirting for the vehicle.
  • The body corners are equipped with four imported red warning reflectors.
  • The rear door has imported rubber sealing. It features 6 hinges, and double container type lock system with grease nipples.
  • The two red indication warning lights are equipped on the body roof for foggy weather.
  • To reduce the air drag, the aerodynamic fiber glass wind deflector is used. This helps in improving the overall fuel efficiency. With METALCAB, you can save almost


  • 15 to 20% of your fuel cost.
  • We offer complete deck fabrication with imported 10 gauge sheet metal. This fabrication is strictly in compliance with the OEM original truck company rear deck fabrication standards.
  • The side skirts equipped on 3 sides of METALCAB also feature a tool box. Moreover, the rear bumper yellow and black zebra paint.
  • Anti-rust phosphate coat on METALCAB is applied before painting.
  • High grade ICI PU base paint.
  • Specially designed fiber glass branding plate with anti-rust coating. The peel-off ensures smooth branding on corrugated sheets.
  • Florescent red reflectors on all corners of METALCAB to ensure safety and reduce the probability accidents.