New Breed of Commercial Bodies!

At Team Nayyer, we have a dedicated range of high-end cargo box solutions that transform your operational fleet into moving billboards. Our MATCHTOP solution is a creative alternative to contemporary BODYCAB. With its sleek, stylish and sporty contours, MATCHTOP resembles a photo frame that garners attention. The image is placed inside the frame, giving your commercial vehicle bodies a distinctive look.

Why Choose MatchTop?

Our MATCHTOP solutions are perfect for businesses that wish to advertise on the go! Featuring a sleek and impressive design, the contours enhance your branding and give your advertisement a subsequent edge.

Transform Your Fleet into Billboards in Motion

Salient Features

  • Our MATCHTOP solution are fixed by fasteners/easy Snap-On system. This system is easily removable from vehicle at any time for easy placing on any other new vehicles of the same make. Standard units available for Hyundai Shehzore, Toyota Hilux (twin & single cab), Suzuki Ravi pickup and Mazda T3500 truck.
  • The MATCHTOP features round sporty contours that resemble a photo frame. The innovative design immediately catches attention where the desired image is placed within a portrait like frame.
  • Special units for any model of commercial vehicle can be developed
  • We provide complete graphics printing, designing and pasting services in collaboration with 3M Scotch print graphics.
  • High strength doors to withstand repeated use and pressure.
  • Long-lasting, durable, and rust free.


  • MATCHTOP is two times lighter in weight as compared to conventional metal body
  • Aerodynamic design makes it drag-efficient boosting fuel economy.
  • Built-in wind deflector to reduce aerodynamic drag and side bumper skirts to cover the leaf spring and battery
  • High Quality Composites, high-end Palatal P5 from BASF & Gelcoat ensure Class A automotive finish
  • Owen Corning Glass fiber Materials from USA
  • High quality 2K PU based Standex German paint
  • Galvanized plated anti-roll over cage (skeleton frame) reinforcing safety.
  • German Galvanized Ellen Key Type Fasteners
  • Rubber Sealing for Doors
  • Steel reinforced inner frames for added strength
  • Sturdy galvanized imported locks & hinges