Team Nayyer gives utmost precedence to design where it is treated as part of our core values and ideologies. We strive to create a homogenous balance between design ideology and functionality. We firmly believe that art deals with internally imposed problem, but without an external problem, there is no value of design.

Good design is 98% common sense and 2% aesthetics, but to counter balance practical design with only 2% aesthetics. Team-NAYYER has created an elixir from a lexicon of industrial names, movements, innovative manufacturing companies, materials and processes which have help opened newer possibilities of growth.

Team-NAYYER came into inception so that it could bridge the divide between consumer expectations and production design that is not only viable to the consumer, but settles as a trend for more customers to benefit.

To understand why commercial fiascos matter, our theory of the edge – divides the areas of possible and not possible This is where our philosophy of ideas to reality comes in.

The scope of possible is represented by those new projects that customers are positive about, whereas not possible caters to those ventures that require further effort.

Team-NAYYER appreciates visionary marketers and designers that are often misunderstood by the masses for their futuristic concepts. Team-NAYYER supports such visionaries by translating their vision to reality.

Well-organized, mass production companies are not willing to take risks. However, Team Nayyer strives to work differently. We believe that the destiny of a company like Team-NAYYER is to live as close as possible to the edge, where we desire to explore a completely unknown area of products with utmost precision and accuracy.


At Team Nayyer, we understand that the future if mobility is small cars. Individuals are now opting for cost effective and eco-friendly solutions that make transportation easier and efficient.

At Team Nayyer, we take pride in our expertise designing solutions that are pragmatic and rewarding. We specialize in automotive design, styling, small scale production and composite materials.  Our light commercial vehicle bodies are manufactured using composite panels.

Our primary interest remains in micro-cars offering a sustainable mode of transportation in the future. Thereby, we have invested time and resources to evaluate and assess the possibilities taking the industry behemoths as inspiration.


Our goal is to design and develop Pakistan’s first sustainable vehicle.