Take your career to newer heights with Team Nayyer. With a team of visionaries, Team Nayyer has changed the dynamics of fleet management and branding solutions in Pakistan.

Team Nayyer

Team Nayyer is a brainchild of Najeeb Nayyer and Razi Nayyer – two brothers who ventured into vehicle and fleet solutions in the year 2000. The company came into existence to offer three-wheeler vehicles that the two brothers worked upon since 1991. With time, Team Nayyer has become one of the leading industry behemoths manufacturing light weight commercial vehicle bodies. We strive to incorporate the best industry practices as part of our work ethics where innovation, high quality raw materials, and customer experience is given utmost precedence. Our visionary approach has thereby assisted us in conquering new horizons of success.


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At Team Nayyer, our team is our pride. Therefore, we give all our employees an equal opportunity to contribute towards the success of the company. We value our talent and focus on individual development that fosters growth.

We understand the role of an able leadership to drive results. We have motivated managers and coordinators who are driven by commitment. With team work and employee satisfaction as our virtue, we certainly lead by example.

At Team Nayyer, we organize regular workshops, training sessions and motivational sessions to polish individual skills and keep the teams morale lifted.

Our work environment is fun, flexible and accommodating. We believe in offering our employees peace of mind so that they contribute to our well-being.