Alliance / Partners

With a vision to offer the best vehicle cargo and branding solutions, we have alliances with industry giants including CARRYBOY, STANDOX, 3M and more. Our virtue is to deliver high quality solutions that standout.



The Art of Refinishing

Team Nayyer takes pride in being associated with Standox Germany. The company is known as the leading manufacturer globally of automotive refinishing paints. The company is known for offering ecofriendly and innovative automotive paint solutions.


Owens Corning

We have alliances with Owen Corning Corporation – the largest manufacturer of fiberglass and related products. We strive to source the finest material in order to deliver practical and durable solutions.


Ironman 4×4

We have strategic alliances with Ironman 4×4 offering state-of-the-art solutions. Known for its suspension parts manufacturers, we have partnered with them to deliver highest standards of quality.



CARRYBOY is a global leader in mobile special unit modification. The company is known as the world’s largest manufacturers of fiber glass productions.



Team Nayyer takes pride in its affiliation with 3M- an American multinational conglomerate. The company is known for its adhesive, abrasives, laminates, passive fire protection, dental products, electrical products, electronic materials, electronic circuits and optical films.