a. Modernization of NADRA MRV’s
i.   Pitched the idea of MRV’s to NADRA back in 2006
ii.  The idea was to make NADRA centers available everywhere
iii. More NADRA centers means less people/crowd at centers

b. Version 1 on Shehzor

i. MRV’s were built during 2006-7

c. Version 2 on HINO Truck

i.   Made 78 MRV Trucks in 2017-18
ii.  Built on Hino Dutro 300 on a custom built 16ft bed
iii. Innovative design with 3 workstations, 2 Split Air-conditioner and a generator

d. Version 3 on Toyota HiAce Van

i.   Designed an MRV on Toyota HiAce for VIP customers
ii.  It was designed to goto the homes of the VIP’s for their CNIC registration
iii. Luxurious interior

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